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  • Jonny Bowden – Rogue Nutritionist

  • Max Simon’s – Big Vision Marketing Expert

  • Dr John Gray – Mars Venus

Welcome to Success Tribe,

Like many of us, I once rode the fast paced corporate machine, burning the candle at both ends, leading an unfulfilled, unhappy life covered up with “THINGS”. At the end of the day, the “things” or “trinkets” were not so satisfying anymore. In fact my life was so out of balance that I lost my marriage, my home, my career and all that I owned at a material level.

What do you do when you are starting all over again from scratch?

Step 1 – Self examination and personal development

Step 2 – This may sound cliche’ and you MUST create an action plan

What is the definition of INSANITY? Doing the same thing over and over again and thinking that you will get different results!

To GET SANE, you need to get yourself a new education with real support from people who have moved through pain and are now on Pleasure Island. Some of these people have risen from being on welfare to becoming a millionaire’s.

Have you noticed how hard people think they have to work in order to obtain Financial Freedom? They are the “95% ers” who are listening to their parents voice and have yet to understand the laws of Abundance. Listen to some of the trusted authorities in Success tribe e-zine and be surprised at how simple it is once you are coached though the process.

The greatest thing is — Success Tribe e-zine’s Programs are already empowering 1000’s of people all over the world. Our FREE and Low Cost programs are delivered by Global Experts. They are helping people lead happier, healthier, abundant lives and I want that for you too.

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“Think about the possibilities for YOU

Close your eyes for a moment and visualize that a miracle has happened in your life….you have the perfect business that you dreamt about, the ideal lifestyle, a fit healthy body and loving relationships. What else is happening?

I am having fun and adventure in everything that I do

I have built a lucrative online business that earns $10-20 000 per month

I am enjoying my new youthful, hot healthy body

I have abundant cash flow allowing me to spend money on my family and friends

I am taking holidays around the world with new like-minded friends

I am paying all of my bills freely and easily allowing me to start new hobbies and interests

I feel a sense of fulfillment because I’m finally doing what I love and loving what I do

“… yes to all of it please!”

Have you ever noticed that some people will only create change when the pain they are experiencing is greater than the pain of having to build a new way of thinking?

Why continue with “Pain Island” when you can reach out and grab some resources that have helped thousands of people gain insight into wealth creation, better physical and emotional health?

You’ve probably been thinking about doing this for a while and now you’re craving change?

Many of us are tired of…..

Little freedom working hard for someone else, making them money while feeling unfulfilled

Long hours and not having the income to take time off

Feeling Stressing out about money

Looking in the mirror at extra FAT around the mid-section with no time or money to hire a personal trainer

Feeling lethargic with low energy levels and not knowing how to change it

The overwhelm and confusion around where to get started and who to trust?

When you feel trapped by your responsibilities to your family, or what you have been told that you should be doing to create success in life, you are usually not congruent with the life that you designed. In simple terms, you may not be living out your true life mission.

It can be hard to imagine there is a way to change your whole life around when you are spending more than you earn and your relationships “Stink”. I’m here to tell you that it’s possible….if you choose it. It is all about giving yourself permission to change and believing that you deserve happiness and abundance.

“I’ve been from Excess to Success”

After spending my early career chasing success in the real estate industry, I was left unfulfilled even though in one year I was earning more money than I had previously earnt in 3 years. It was interesting to observe the more I earnt, the more unconscious life imbalances occured….hmmm

After losing my life as it was, it was a Massive wake-up call – I had to look internally…..Ouch!

Who am I…What do I want….Why am I walking this planet? My heart knew that I was here for a much greater purpose than I had imagined and that my destiny involved having a global impact on people’s lives.

“Where do I start? Who do I learn from? Who can I trust?”

I had an inspired thought, I’ll drive up to Byron Bay (an Aussie spiritual hub), find myself a ‘Wise-one’ to sort out what to do with the rest of my life. My parents thought that I was crazy, in fact they probably still do. And so I grabbed my 6 month old and 4 year old, placed them in the backseat and drove for 11 hours. I sourced a wise lady who I’ll call “Rosie”. We worked out that I was a coach, a teacher and a leader. It all sounded a little too much at the time!

“What relief knowing that I could live the life of my dreams, find new purpose, start fresh…”

My new career plan felt quite scary and out of my comfort zone, in fact I contemplated becoming an aroma therapist or massage therapist just so that I didn’t have to take on the responsibility of becoming what I feared.

I took a leap of faith, jumped on in and invested $15 000 on my first life coaching course. The personal development that I experienced in this experiential course was worth more to me than the coaching skills learnt.

My passion for life had now returned. I became so thirsty for knowledge about what makes humans Happy and Vibrant that studied fitness training, health, life balance and passionate life secrets.

“Life was now exciting while I was getting in the best shape of my life at 38 and beyond”

…and my life just keeps getting better and better the more aligned I am to it. For me it was all about the trust and faith in my vision…and to never ever give up!

Holistic Success is yours to claim too!


TRUST and commit to your new life vision

I don’t believe that there is a mistake that you landed here today, GRAB the right guidance and give yourself the support you deserve through Success Tribe e-zine.

To your Health, Wealth and Wisdom!

Kelly Attwood
Editor – Success Tribe e-zine

Program Director and Coach at Urban Retreat Gold Coast